Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bob the builder.. Episode 1 the jcb

So, I had the job booked for the 1st of April, but they arrived a day early... April fool on  me!

I heard a noise as I was finishing my coffee, stuck my head outside & saw a digger passing on a trailer at 07.45. Pondering what the odds of 2 diggers being delivered on the same Lane for jobs in the next 24 hours were, I called the office. There was no answer but soon, using the old school method of shouting I established that the were coming for me (!)

digger arrives

Luckily I was almost ready having arrived early and spend an evening pacing the land.
The digger was awesome in the true meaning of the word. It's power inspired awe in me... Huge chunks of earth that would have take hours to excavate were move in seconds.

here is the car park almost done. the mud / topsoil was removed exposing the far more useful subsoil layer & allowing the gate to finally open !!!

i couldn't resist this picture of the digger !
removing the outside topsoil prior to digging the hole for the greenhouse.

the hole gets deeper... now it is 4m deep at the back, and 10x10m at the base.

and just look how flat he managed to make the base... wonderful until it was chopped up by the drainage.

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