Sunday, February 2, 2014

I got me a couple of birds!

Dusk was seeping into the sky and I could feel the cold of the night building, so I finished my perambulations and went back into the hex to stoke the fire.
Just as she started to crackle I heard a knock on the door and jamming my wellies back on I went back outside where a shotgun toting local greeted me and asked if they could use my land as a shooting spot whilst the beaters came down through the woods.
I happily agreed & helped out by trotting noisily through a nearby corner of the woods.
The reason for telling this tale is that the following morning I discovered they had left me a couple of grouse hung from the wing mirror of the van by way of thanks...

... Well I have never had to deal with still (almost) warm dead game so my research systems went into overdrive and the result is below. Thanks to the power of YouTube I would like to share with you the fastest way to prepare a grouse...

How easy is that! 

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