Monday, June 10, 2013

Hex extra details (days 2-5)

next morning heads were sore and many left the site sighting other engagements. ... the success at the construction phase masked the other work still to be done.

First up we added the Porch, note the beautiful pillars holding it up... Hacked enthusiastically by mark. 

See also the windows 

next I begun waterproofing with a double overlapping tarp set up on the 2 roofs, which unfortunately required me to buy a bigger tarp, but which should ensure the gutter drainage works

Gutter details showing join point & tarp overlapping note the extra cord holding down the tarp.

next I sealed joins between panels inside, some were big enough for drafts to whistle through but remember this design is normally used in warm climates where cooling is important

Finally the damp proof course was secured to the walls with a rubber waterproof paint.. This is a weak point to watch and i have subsequently strengthened it.

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